Welcome to the Dallas Ministry Center, housed in the historic Ambassador Plaza Hotel. Cross the threshold and enter into an atmosphere of peace and quiet away from the busyness of everyday life. Allow yourself to relax in a place overflowing with sweet service and enjoy fellowship with those around you. Does this sound inviting to you?

Built in 1905 as the first suburban luxury hotel in Dallas, the Ambassador Plaza Hotel charmed Presidents, businessmen, musicians, and local citizens alike. In 1993 it was purchased by the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) and now serves as home to the Dallas Ministry Center, a Christian conference center dedicated to providing hospitality and service to our guests. The Dallas Ministry Center serves as host for conferences and programs, as well as providing elegant facilities for various events. Allow us to charm you with our combination of service, serenity, and style.From exquisite menus to excellent service, we desire to fill your occasion with delightful memories and cheerful smiles. This beautiful antique setting is the perfect place to host an event that will shine in your memory. We invite you to experience the hospitality of the past for wedding receptions, business meetings, banquets,luncheons, retreats, conferences, graduations, and teas.

In addition to the various events we host, the Dallas Ministry Center is also home to several programs and conferences that provide life-changes in couples, families, and individuals alike. These include the EXCEL program, an eight-week course for ladies ages 16 and older, Foundations of Interior Design (FOID), Couples' Conferences designed to help couples revitalize and strengthen their marriages, and Mothers' Conferences, a weekend retreat to help renew relationships and refresh tired spirits. The Dallas Ministry Center also hosts Chaplains' Conferences, Professional Labor Support courses, and conferences by the Institute of Photographic Studies (IPS).
- Mike Bell, DMC Director



Sep 20 - Nov 13, 2010

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Couples Christmas Conference

December 3-5, 2010